Bethan and Victoria

I knew I wanted to film weddings for the longest time but the Catch 22 of this business is nobody will hire you unless you have filmed a few weddings. Thankfully I had a few friends who very kindly let make all the noobie mistakes on their wedding video so by the time I was ready to start doing it for strangers I didn't make a total mess of it.

Bethan was originally from Nottingham so I caught the two of them on a weekend visit to Beth's folks. We met for a coffee and got on instantly. We talked about the theme of their wedding, how they met, what they do, etc. Genuinely I think this is such a valuable part of the process. I could sense what kind of people they were and that sets the whole tone of the video. 

Their wedding took place in the Yorkshire Dales in a venue perched on top of a hill, with floor to ceiling windows, flooding the space with gorgeous natural light. They had family and friends come from all over the country so they rented all the surrounding cottages and made a weekend out of it. 

The morning of the wedding I left my home in Nottingham at 6am and arrived to a bustling cottage around 9am. Beth and Vic stayed in different cottages, and I started filming at Beth's. There was feeling of happy chaos in the air. People were getting their hair and nails done, people were retelling stories from their own weddings, and her mother was trying to force feed everyone bacon butties. 

When I made my way to Vic's cabin it was so calm. I caught the flowers being delivered, her quietly applying her makeup and her mum giving her a reminder of her lat grandmother. It really was an honour to capture those intimate moments that not everyone gets the chance to see.

The ceremony went down really well and I captured my favourite moment to date. When the brides kiss, Bethan's mum in the background is just so damn happy and I love it. When I got it in the edit suite I watched this clip about 30 times. Even after all of the weddings I have filmed this is my favourite moment.


Because everyone was staying at the surrounding cottages, after the meal and speeches, people took cat naps and spread out a bit, so we had loads of time to get the posed shots. The rain was beginning so I had to be quick and creative with the shots I wanted, and I learned that rainfall in slow-motion looks insanely cool. 

It truly was a magical day and I am so blessed to be a part of it. check out the video in full.