Why you Should Invest in a Second Shooter

If you have decided you want a beautiful wedding video it's important to know there are certain risks you have to accept if you only want to pay for one videographer. One person can do a great job but they person can only do so much. If this wedding video is a high priority for you I'd advise paying little extra to have a second shooter there. They provide a lot of value for a marginal cost. 


Meet my buddy, Eric.

The best second shooter a gal can ask for.

Eric is the owner of Bigger Boat Film, an epic company that I initially reached out to because I was a fan wanting to show some love. Now he helps me out and I help him out. All in the the spirit of making great wedding videos.

Here's the kind of value he can add.

1) Multi-cam Ceremony and Speeches

Say you want the full ceremony and speeches. Having only one camera angle would get pretty boring and depending on if people walk and talk, or are positioned in different areas of the room, you'll need to sit through the not-so-nice camera moving and re-focusing bits, which let's face it, you're better than that. Having the extra camera there gives us way more flexibility in the edit and will result in a more polished long-form piece of content.

2) Reaction Shots

While I'm filming the vows/cake cutting/first dance/etc, the second shooter can be getting shots of audience members smiling or clapping. Those kind of shots make your edit so much more emotive and it reminds you of all the special people who were there when you re-watch it. While a solo-shooter will capture a few of these shots, their attention will be on the bride and groom.

3) Groom Prep

On the morning of the wedding my first move is to where the bride is getting ready so I can get shots of her take some time to get the really stylised shots of the dress/flowers/shoes. Those shots are essential to the edit, so are establishing shots or the ceremony venue, so depending on time, I may not be able to get shots of the groom getting ready. Having an additional shooter means getting Groom prep is their priority. After all its just as much the groom's day as the bride's. 

4) Contingency

It's sad to say it but things go wrong all the time. Batteries die, audio sounds muffled, the venue only uses weird European cables. Having another expert there means twice as much equipment and twice as much knowledge. If an issue arises I can solve it faster and better if I have a second shooter there with me.

5) Creative Differences

All videographers have a different eye for how they want to shoot. some are better with movement shots than other, some can manipulate light better than others, and some are great at giving directions to couples during the staged shots. When we work together we can get different looking shots, that come together really beautifully in the end video.

All that being said, a solo-videographer can work their tail off and deliver a really nice video too but they need to rely a lot more on luck and need to stay on their toes. Having a second shooter can give you a lot more peace of mind that you will get exactly what you are expecting.