Tips for Posing Your Wedding Video

Let's be honest, chances are you aren't 100% comfortable In front of the camera. I know I'm not.  Unlike photography, videographers don't offer engagement shoots, or practice sessions so there is no rehearsal. 

This post is specifically focusing on the part in the day where the couple, photographer and videographer go off and get some glamour-shots, while the guest go get tequila shots. So if you want to prepare yourself, I encourage you to have a read through the tips so you can focus on how fun it is and not be thinking 'what do I do with my hands?'. 

Let's do the maths. Say we are gone from the reception for an hour getting these shots. In that hour there are about 15 set up/angle/lens combinations. With each set up I'll be filming for about 3 minutes (giving different direction) but from those 3 minutes of footage about 5 seconds of it will make the edit. You have hired the videographer to make you look as good as possible so they will only use the most flattering 5 seconds in that set up. 

1) Don't look at the camera- If new direction is given to you, adopt it with out pausing what you were previously doing

2) Fake laugh- Remember this is the happiest day of your life. Let's see those pearly whites. Plus it's contagious and will result if genuine laughs between the two of you

3) Take in your surroundings- I know it sounds silly but it seems really poignant in slow motion and looking up/out with your chin held high is super flattering

4) Check each other out- how often do you see your better-half look this good

5) Gaze into each others eyes and smile.

ellyn cook