Small Changes to Your Wedding That Can Really Benefit Your Video

If you have your wedding videographer booked but are still ironing out some details about the rest of the wedding take these tips into consideration as they will make your videographer's life a lot easier, make you look a lot more flattering, free up some time so they can capture more content, and over all make your video look a lot better.

Daylight Bridal Preparations

1) Prep in front of a window

Obviously you don't want to change the layout of the room, and don't get ready in the kitchen because there's a big window in there, but if you can help it, having natural daylight can help the videographer out a lot. Day light is naturally white/blue, while room light is naturally orange and if the light on your skin is a white-tone, it will be more flattering and allow for better colour correction in post. But if you can't be sat in front of a window, don't worry, a good videographer can figure something out.  



2) Send Photos of key people

As a videographer I don't know if the lady I am filming is your super-close aunt or if it is your former boss's latest girlfriend. All I know is they look happy and would make for good content. If you think you 100% need to see a select group of people in the video, send their photo to the videographer who will keep an eye out for them.


indoor ceremony videography

3) Don't Have Ceremony Chairs Against a Wall

Again this may or may not be possible but I personally don't like walking down the aisle to check on a second camera so if you can allow a perimeter gap that would be so helpful and mean you get double the coverage than you would normally get and there wont be any distraction for your wedding guests.there wont be any distraction for your wedding guests.




4) Walk Slowly

Whenever you are walking the videographer needs to adjust the focus. If you walk slowly the videographer can keep you in focus better. This is especially challenging if they are going for a super stylish out-of focus background. Trust me the slower the better. That being said, if you are walking down the aisle please do what feels right to you. Don't walk at a snails pace just because I said so.

bubbles instead of confetti

5) Bubbles or confetti?

Bubbles. Confetti falls really quickly and a super dynamic part of the video can be missed. Bubbles rise slowly and have a really cool pearlescent colour. It would look even better if you could ask the bridal party or close friends ahead of time to blow the bubbles down at the ground so they fill the frame more. Plus bubbles are better for the environment, and who doesn't love that.






6) Still Speeches

If you can please instruct your speech givers to stand in one place. If they are given the option to walk around it is way more challenging to follow them and keel them in focus.