Having Friends Film Your Wedding

A few months back my friends Mary and Stephen told me that they were getting married. Big news, lots of love, and a bit of a hasty suggestion on my part.

"Why don't I film it?" I said.

They happily accepted and last week I filmed their wedding. I was also a wedding guest so I had to wrangle mingling, eating a nice meal and dancing with getting all the shots I needed. About an hour into the reception I came to terms with the fact that it just couldn't be done. I filmed the ceremony for them and they were thrilled with that but I was still upset with myself. I thought if this was a proper job how I'd be ashamed not to deliver the kind of shots I wanted to.

To do this job right you can't take any down time and you can't leave half your equipment at home because it's too heavy to carry around while wearing high heels. It is impossible to be a good videographer and a good wedding guest at the same time so if you are considering asking a friend to film your wedding, ask yourselves the following questions.

1) Are they close enough to get invited or hired?

2) Are you happy receiving a simplified video from them?

3) Are they the best person for the job?

If you have a friend that happens to be a videographer, or make up artist or caterer, If you are thinking about hiring them make sure their product is what you are looking for. If it is, make it clear what you are looking for. In my case Mary and Stephen said they wanted me to enjoy the wedding and get whatever shots I could. If that's the kind of wedding video you are happy with then I'm sure you'd have a few guests who'd be happy to help! 


ellyn cook