About Me


Hi I'm Ellyn. Long story short, I'm Canadian (but I have made the UK my home), I love autobiographies, live comedy, cats, and a good strong cup of coffee. I have been working in the film industry for the past ten years in Toronto, Los Angeles, and across the UK and Bright and Beautiful Films is my baby.

I love being a part of people’s wedding day, helping them capture their memories. I love making new connections and all the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. I enjoy taking my time and getting really creative shots in the morning, and getting everything perfect for the ceremony. The posed shots are so much fun and allows me to think outside the box and I love dancing with your guests, after all the stressful bits are captured and getting those high energy shots. I always leave the weddings I shoot on a bit of a high!


Pre Filming

I would love to meet you and your partner either in person or on Skype to discuss your wedding. We will lock down exactly what you are looking for from me and how involved you want me to be on the day. We'll discuss the schedule, who the key people are, and the video’s edit schedule.


Wedding Day

I like to arrive as early as possible and get at least an hour of preparation shots. Then I go to the venue to film the details while it is empty and set up my cameras for the ceremony. I'll mic up the groom and/or officiant and the next half hour or so is out of my hands (yey congrats, you're married now). Then I film lots of the guests chatting and enjoying themselves and generally getting scene-setting shots. For speeches I will mic up all the speech givers and film them in full, so if you only bought a highlight video but decide later that you want the speeches too, I will have them. Following that, no one looks good eating so I usually wait until cake cutting or dancing to jump back into filming mode. But all that being said, all weddings are different and I will work around you. I go into more detail about how I can capture your wedding on the Costs page.


Post Filming

I will edit the footage and send you a version one for feedback. It usually takes 6-8 weeks for me to get it to a good enough place to share it. Together we will go back and forth until you are happy (but hopefully I nail it the first time). When the final product is approved, I’ll pop a little care package in the post so you have a physical copy of your film


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